Saturday, March 24, 2012

Olin & Kira and lots of animals

It's no secret that Olin and I love animals.  I love furry things and flying things, and he loves creepy-crawlies and big dogs.  So when Olin's friend told us about free baby Jackson chameleons, of course we said yes!

His friend gave us two babies, and Olin made them a home in our giant 40-gallon aquarium tank.  (I know a mesh enclosure is more desirable, but our friend who works at a pet shop - because of course we have a friend who works at a pet shop - said the tank should be okay for now!)  Unfortunately,  one baby figured out how to climb up the seam of the aquarium tank, over the mesh screen we use as a cover, and onto the porch.  I think it fell the 12 or so feet to its death, so now we only have one baby left.

Here he (she?) is on Olin's fingers!

The other night (also on our porch), or roommate Tomus declared, "That's a huge moth!", so Olin and I went to investigate: and it was, indeed, a huge moth.

After a quick Google search, we believe this moth is a Daphnis nerii, a Oleander Hawk Moth!  The green, pink, and purple are ridiculously pretty, right?

Finally, this past Tuesday Olin and I went to the local zoo with our roomies, and here are those photos:

Olin trying to pet Namaste, the resident white tiger, because that's not illegal or anything.

Sorry I haven't been updating much - my ultimate goal is to try to write here at the very least once a week, but midterms and work have been successfully kicking my butt.  On the bright side: SPRING BREAK IS HERE!

I'm going to Oahu tomorrow to visit my mother and brother for three days and four nights, and I think this is the longest amount of time Olin and I will have spent apart in almost three years.  (Is that sad?  That's probably sad.)  I'll try to take some good solo photos while I'm there. Without me around, Olin will have nothing to do, so maybe he'll finally get around to poking in and saying hi here.  A girl can only hope!


  1. Oh my gosh these animal shots are crazy!! And that's a Oleander Hawk Moth?? ( I don't know anything about them but that's totally awesome!) And i've never seen Namaste that close to the fence before. I hope Olin got a feel!

    and again oh gosh these pictures are just so awesome. Can't wait to see what happens in Oahu! ;]

    -your secret admirer

  2. Whoa, that moth is amazing. And I love lizards as well! Can't wait to see him (her?) grown up! And your zoo photos are amazing too.

    -Mesna (can't figure out how the LJ account comment as thing works)

  3. Oh no~! *0* Eddna and some of the other crabs figured out how to climb the glue on my crabitat to moderate success... O_O; It's amazing since they use digging their feet in to climb... O_O;;; I'm really sorry the little guy died, though... Mummy reptiles must have a very good eye for them...? O_O; SO TINY it's unbelievable. THE MOTH IS BIGGER THAN THE LITTLE GUY~! *O*

    And it's a beautiful moth... :O My creepy-crawlie-dead-bugs-collector friend would love to get his hands on that, I bet! (NO! STAY AWAY! LET IT LIIIIVE~! *0*) It's very beautiful. Does Hawai'i have a lot of beautiful, colorful moths and butterflies? I always imagine you do... XD The Northerner's view of Hawai'i... T_T So typical...

    The zoo pictures are beautiful; the pic of your profile is SO GORGEOUS, oh my GOODNESS. You look like a celebrity... So beautiful! *0* Your nose... *0* Jealous...! XD;;; Beautiful pics. And OH! White tigers~! I saw some when I was 9 or so but it was a huge event that they were in Toronto, which was a really far way away at the time - Ottawa doesn't have a zoo... So I've only been to the one in Toronto that one time when I was young... I should go again... ^_^


  4. Tiny chameleon, how cute! :D I'm sorry to hear about the one that died, though- RIP.

    That moth is beautiful. I caught a couple of giant moths when I lived on Maui, but the colouring wasn't nearly as vibrant.

    I hope you have a good trip! :)

  5. HAD, I hope you HAD a good trip, haha. ^^