Olin & Kira is a blog about the everyday ups-and-downs of a relationship between two people.  Our relationship is far from perfect (read as: far far far from perfect), but we think it's better that way!  Here, you are welcome to join us as we try new things, go on adventures, stay at home, create recipes, play video games, and grow things in our garden.  You can stick with us when we get mad at each other, and when we have lovey-dovey squishy moments.  Most of all, this is a project that we're both doing together for the fun of it!


KIRA is the main blogger, the internet-savvy one who spends way too much time on tumblr.  Her hobbies include photography, painting with acrylics, mushroom-hunting, decorating the house, and collecting Lalaloopsy toys.  She is awful at gardening and pretty much neglects plants til near-death, yet still wants to buy more.  She also can't cook; the extent of her cooking is boiling water for instant ramen.

Kira was raised by middle class Japanese American parents and grew up immersed in Japanese culture.  She plans on majoring in Japanese Studies and hopes one day to teach Japanese to English-speaking students!

OLIN makes appearances every now and then, mostly when Kira reminds him to.  His hobbies include playing video games (his favorites are League of Legends, Elder Scrolls: Skyrim, and Diablo II), cooking and creating new recipes, and working in the garden.  He is the chef in their relationship, and has created many inexpensive, but tasty recipes that he hopes to share with you.

Olin was raised on a tropical flower farm and started working when he was five.  He has lots of funny farm stories to share, like about being attacked by chickens and having his foot stepped on by cows.  He's not sure what he wants to do with his life, but he'll let you know as soon as he figures it out.

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